Director's Message

It’s a pleasure for us that you are considering PITHM as the first step to your future endeavors and have taken time out to look through our prospectus; we hope that the information given here will suffice for you to know about what we are offering at PITHM.

Hospitality and tourism is one of the prime sectors, which has taken a giant leap in all these years and has come amongst the fastest growing economic sectors.

We at PITHM, have focused on providing learning and skills development in tourism and hospitality industry with the primary aim of broadening learner’s knowledge of the overall industry of tourism and hospitality, including its challenges and developments.

We are working day to day to make learning with us more exciting and thought-provoking; our utmost attention is on grabbing opportunities to help learners explore the complex nature of the tourism and hospitality industry so that they can pursue for a successful career.