Director Niaz Ali Malkani

You are an inspiration

Keep your eyes on the stars,

 and your feet on the ground. 

It always seems

impossible until its done. 

Junior Chef Stars.

Our daughter is super into cooking now.

Food Production & Management

Advance Food Production/ Food & Beverage Management

Trainees are taught and trained practically in areas of Food Production, Food Service, managerial competence, Bar B.Q, Fast Food and in Bakery and Patisserie, the trainees to work in the Restaurants, Cafes and Hotel Industry at domestic level as well internationally.

Restaurant Management

Administration, Accounting and Human Resources.

Restaurant management courses cover common duties of managers in food and beverage operations. Students learn about administration, accounting and human resources. They also learn the ways that managers plan, organize and market restaurants.


Hotel Housekeeping, Restaurant, Meetings.

Recruiting, supervising staff, managing, planning, promoting and marketing the business ensuring compliance with health & safety.